Block train

 DB Cargo employee runs along the tank car train

Block train: Your choice for large volumes

The production system for bulk goods: Our block train products offer you theoptimum solution for all large transport requirements, from the especially flexible to the especially cost-effective. This production system brings its strengths to the fore particularly in European traffic in the bulk cargo sector.

Perfect for large quantities

Gravel and other building materials are good examples of the use of our block trains. But also the chemical and mineral oil industry or various car manufacturers like to use this cost-effective product.


 Your two solution options for block train transport

Your two solution options for block train transport

  • DBplantrain –   Profitability with vision: Regular transport of large volumes on fixed connections on fixed operating days and at fixed times
    Plan transport requirements a   long time in advance
  • DBflextrain –   The last-minute block train: Short-term determination of transport volumes, connections and operating times
    Greatest possible ordering flexibility

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