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Rail for everyone

Transporting your cargo by rail doesn't have to mean building yourself a private siding. We provide easy ways to get your freight onto the rail network. Why? Because rail freight transport is the most sustainable way to move goods.

Getting your freight onto the rail network is easy

Rail access in detail:

With their dedicated sidings, railports not only offer transhipment of freight but also additional services such as storage and order picking. The facilities are operated by DB Cargo or partners and offer high flexibility for customers.

A transhipment terminal for ocean freight where goods are loaded onto trains or ships. Gantry cranes and bridges load containers. Bulk freight such as ores or cereals is moved by conveyor belts and suction nozzles.

Intermodal terminals efficiently link rail, road and inland waterways. Different methods of transhipment, such as gantry cranes or reach stackers, are used depending on the cargo.

Having a dedicated private siding is the simplest way for companies to access the rail network. Check whether you may be eligible for funding.

Benefits: flexible loading and unloading processes, transport and plant logistics closely integrated, less use of space compared to trucks.

Public sidings offer easy access to the rail network for the most varied of goods. The tracks are positioned next to publicly accessible loading lanes. Here, freight wagons are prepared for loading and unloading. Depending on the location, goods can be transhipped straight into the wagons via a loading ramp.

Does your cargo fill a whole container, wagon or train? Is there a private or public siding near you? Would you prefer to bring your goods to a railport with the option of storage, or would you prefer us to collect them?

We organise your transports based on your individual needs. We offer a door-to-door service. We can provide pre- and onward carriage by truck and feed your consignments into our European network. It is always worth covering the main part of the journey by train, as rail freight transport is fast, reliable and environmentally friendly.

And we offer more than just rail:
Our DB Cargo multimodal logistics solutions combine our core rail network with road transport and warehousing Europe-wide. We can support you along the whole of your supply chain. Pick-up and delivery, just-in-time delivery, warehousing solutions and much more besides. Reduce your costs and increase the performance and quality of your procurement, warehousing and distribution.