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The bridge to south-eastern Europe

From in-plant logistics to the expansion of international transportation, DB Cargo Hungária is one of the fastest-growing national companies in DB Cargo’s European rail network.

As the link between central and south-eastern Europe, DB Cargo Hungária plays a key role in European rail freight traffic. The company was founded in 2001 as Logistic Center Hungária, an industrial railway that served the automobile industry. In recent years, DB Cargo Hungária has expanded its portfolio to include other sectors in addition to automotive.

The company is continually expanding its international rail transportation capacities so that it can offer customers competitive rail logistics solutions in south-eastern Europe. To achieve this objective, it has also signed transfer agreements with the neighbouring countries of Austria and Romania and with the state-owned railways in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Slovakia.

Revenues in 2014 EUR 9.1 million
Locomotives 20
Employees 146