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Italy's largest freight railway alternative

DB Cargo Italia is the country's second-largest freight railway and has strong local partners. It offers national and international transport services in DB Cargo's Europe-wide network.

DB Cargo is represented in Italy by two companies, each of which offers services in its own specific field. Customers benefit from integrated Europe-wide transportation services thanks to close cooperation between DB Cargo Italia S.r.l. and DB Cargo Italia Services S.r.l.

DB Cargo Italia S.r.l. is licensed to operate throughout Italy and has an extensive dedicated network with three rail yards, over 40 transfer points and a number of private sidings. It is constantly expanding its range to provide efficient services as quickly as possible with a seamless connection to Europe's rail network. 

DB Cargo Italia S.r.l. 
Revenues in 2014 EUR 39 million
Volume sold in 2014800 million tkm
Locomotives in 201428
Employees in 2014286

DB Cargo Italia s.r.l.

Via G. Spadolini 12
20026 Novate Milanese (MI)

+39 02 8502 3863
+39 02 6710 0748