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As the link to the western ports, DB Cargo Nederland plays an essential role in freight services in Europe. It also connects economic centres in the Netherlands and Belgium to the hinterland.

DB Cargo Nederland, which is headquartered in Utrecht, is the market leader in Dutch rail freight transportation. It seamlessly links the important western ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam and Amsterdam to the DB Cargo Rail network. These connections are responsible for a high percentage of cross-border transportation, for example from Rotterdam to Germany via the new Betuwe Line and from Germany to other countries in continental Europe.

The sole freight operator in the Netherlands, DB Cargo Nederland offers a nationwide single wagon system. Kijfhoek rail yard is the centre of operations and the origin of end-to-end connections to all of Germany's important economic centres.

Revenues in 2013144.3 million EUR
Volume sold3,737 million tkm

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