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Intensify your knowledge – shape your future

Use your acquired know-how to add value to the multi-facetted world of rail freight transport at DB Cargo AG.

DB Cargo AG is part of one of the world’s leading mobility and logistics companies, Deutsche Bahn. We offer you a wide array of employment opportunities within the field of rail freight logistics.

We offer you exciting prospects, for example, in finance, IT, human resources, production, planning and processes and sales.

Whether you are starting out in your career, trying to advance your career or looking to change tracks, you can discover here if we have opportunities that interest you.

Rail Transport in a nutshell

You set the target – we will lay the tracks. DB Cargo AG links all logistics activities in Europe on the tracks. With about 92,000 wagons and almost 3,100 locomotives we own the largest fleet in continental Europe.

Jump on the bandwagon! Our service is efficient, customer oriented and environmentally friendly!

Our core business is the actual commissioning of transportation services on the tracks, meaning the actual positioning and driving of trains. Until our train drivers can set off, a whole variety of logistics pre-services have to be set in motion such as commissioning the locomotives and freight trains at our own depots, planning the traffic flows and the physical conjoining of the trains at our marshalling yards. Whether you take the operative, coordinating or strategic route, put yourself back on track!

Put yourself back on track and give us your expertise! Whether you are an experienced “railworker” or are a professional new to this field your innovative ideas are always welcome, for this combination leaves a lot of room for creativity.

Entry at your current job

If you have a university degree there are various entry opportunities, for example as analyst, consultant in a particular field or project manager.

In the area of production we are seeking professionals, such as train driver, switchyard engine driver, car inspector, rolling-stock technician or dispatcher.

Lateral entry

If you do not have any professional training in this particular area or no professional training at all DB Cargo AG also offers lateral career entry opportunities, for example as switchyard engine driver or switchman.

If you already know which area inspires you the most then take a look at our vacancies.