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Start an exciting vocational training

DB Cargo AG is part of Deutsche Bahn, which is one of the largest providers of apprenticeships in Germany. We aim to provide the best possible qualification and a secure and diversified professional future.

It goes without saying that we provide our vocational trainees with the relevant specialist knowledge and practical skills they need. Customer service, entrepreneurial thinking, independence and team spirit are central components of DB’s apprenticeship training.

DB Cargo AG offers vocational training for seven modern and forward looking career paths. These include transport, industrial and technical careers as well as careers in the commercial, service-oriented sector.

An vocational training will usually last for three years. After successful completion of the training, we offer our vocational trainees a permanent job and excellent prospects for further professional development.

During their training, our vocational trainees take on responsibility in several different programs or projects. The best known of these is ”Deutsche Bahn trainees against hatred and violence”. Since 2000, our apprentices have been developing and advocating projects combating xenophobia and promoting greater tolerance.

Chance Plus is Deutsche Bahn’s career preparation program which provides training for young people who are still looking for an vocational training but do not yet have the required qualifications.

The program lasts for 10 months and includes courses, for example mathematics, which are designed to help them start their career. A qualified social worker will support them three days a week. The remaining two days will be spent at the company. After successful completion of the program the participants have a chance to receive an apprenticeship contract with Deutsche Bahn.