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Cooperative education program: the fast track to career and a degree

With a cooperative education program (combined practical and theoretical studies) students can complete a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science in just three to four years.

DB Cargo AG offers seven different cooperative education programs. These include courses in economics and engineering. Most of these courses include practical training; students have alternating three-month intervals of practical study in the company and theoretical study at a vocational academy or college. After just three years, cooperative education students have their bachelor’s degree and excellent prospects for their future career.

A cooperative education program requires tight schedules, self-discipline and ambition. To help our students achieve their goals we offer comprehensive support.


  • Regular feedback sessions throughout the study programs
  • Training sessions, lectures and other events provide professional know how
  • DB’s network of previous trainees and students
  • Financial independence
  • Mobility across Germany with personal DB travel card
  • Benefits from DB’s wide range of social partners

The right conditions – keys to success

  • Application requirements for DB’s cooperative education programs:
  • Good to very good A-levels or High School Diploma results (or equivalent)
  • Commitment and determination
  • Structured thinking and behavior
  • Strong communication skills, the ability to work in a team and good time management skills
  • Fulfilment of the admission criteria of the chosen college or university
  • Excellent command of the German language

At some institutions students also need to complete an aptitude test to gain admission to the course. Information about this can be found on the home pages of the relevant colleges.