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Lay your tracks down early at DB!

Deutsche Bahn offers various entry opportunities for students including vocational traineeships, combined studies or our internship program „Chance Plus“.

Whether you take part as a trainee in one of our 25 vocational traineeships, are doing a combined study program or are a trainee in our internship program „Chance Plus“ we offer every student an exciting perspective and a start at our company which is tailored to you.
Our vocational traineeships are divided into the following subjects: transport and logistics, industrial and technical, commercial/service and IT. With around 8.700 trainees and students DB is one of the largest providers of traineeships in Germany. In this way we assume total responsibility for the qualification of young people from high school graduates to A-level students. In addition to teaching you the specialist and practical knowledge you will need for your chosen career, your traineeship will also train you in the following: social and methodological skills, strategic thinking, customer service, independence and teamwork.

In order to promote these skills all our trainees take part in a week’s outdoor training which instills in them a sense of responsibility and gives them the opportunity to experience teamwork – a priority for us. Within the framework of our internship program „Chance Plus“, which can last up to 11 months, participants are prepared thoroughly for one of the vocational traineeships or for direct job entry. As with the vocational traineeships, practical experience is intermingled with school training phases to enable every participant to demonstrate their talents. Further information including testimonials on our vocational traineeships and our numerous entry opportunities for students can be found on our homepage under the „jobs“ link.