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En route to the top employer

DB Cargo AG is part of a worldwide leading mobility and logistics corporation – Deutsche Bahn AG. By 2020, DB intends to be one of the top ten companies in the German job market.

To attain this objective, we need to achieve great employee satisfaction. After all, a strong image is essential for winning the competition for the best employees.

DB must develop a strong employer brand to attract new employees and overcome the challenges of demographic change.

To achieve this DB has realigned its recruitment activities in both organizational terms and as regards content, for example by launching an employer campaign for all media and a new career website. DB is focusing on all important target groups: high-school students, university students and experienced professionals from both academic and non-academic fields.

The processes of recruitment, application management and onboarding at DB were adjusted to bring them more closely in line with the needs of applicants, new employees and the individual business units. The new employer campaign "A job like no other" presents employees in typical working situations to illustrate the diversity and multifaceted nature of DB as an employer. Right from the start, DB employees were involved in the campaign and made ambassadors.

A new corporate culture shaped by a spirit of partnership, routine staff involvement, mutual respect and exemplary leadership has been at the very top of DB's list of priorities since early 2010.

DB wants to offer employees in the Group innovative development opportunities to encourage them to stay with the company for many years to come. This also entails tailoring its career development activities more closely to each employee's stage in his or her career and life and offering extensive programs to promote good health.