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Roland Bosch

Roland Bosch is CEO of DB Cargo AG.

Bosch studied Physics in Oxford and Business Administration in Tübingen, where he gained a PhD in 2000. He started his career with the Boston Consulting Group. In 2002 he joined DaimlerChrysler in Stuttgart as Head of Strategy, before moving to Beijing in 2005 as the company’s CFO for north-east Asia.

Bosch was appointed CFO of DB Netz in October 2010 and became the Board Member for Production at the same company in 2013. In that role he was responsible for ensuring that 40,000 trains can travel safely and reliably on the German rail network each day. Over recent years, Bosch also focused in particular on managing the implementation of the biggest modernisation programme in DB’s history.

As the CEO of DB Cargo AG, Roland Bosch is responsible for around 30,000 members of staff in 16 European countries.