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Kombiverkehr - The largest network for continental transport

European market leader in road-rail Combined Transport and around 50 years of experience

Freight forwarders and transport companies in Europe can reach more destinations in Europe with Kombiverkehr than with any other operator. Kombiverkehr links more than 190 terminals in 30 countries with 170 train departures every day.

Kombiverkehr's de.NETdirekt+ intermodal network provides direct connections between numerous terminals within Germany every night. More than 560 international direct trains form the Europe-wide network eu.NETdirekt+. The trains cover an area from Norway to Italy, from Poland to Portugal and from the Netherlands to Greece and Turkey. As well as continental transport, Kombiverkehr also provides ferry services between the German Baltic Sea ports and Scandinavia, and from Trieste to Greece and Turkey for end-to-end shipments. The company also has a Dutch subsidiary, Optimodal B.V., which operates the eu.NETmaritim network to serve the international ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp in particular.

Kombiverkehr transports containers, semitrailers and swap bodies on most routes and carries a virtually unlimited range of goods. The operator uses open train systems for this purpose, but it will also provide whole trains for individual customers on request. Freight forwarders and logistics companies can become customers of Kombiverkehr without having to be limited partners of the company.