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Your specialist for international cargo traffic

TRANSA has moved freight on the rails and roads for over 60 years – far beyond Germany.

On the basis of longstanding experience, TRANSA has acquired extensive competence in different industries and established itself as a partner to renowned industrial companies.

TRANSA assists you with transport and logistics services over the complete supply chain, whether for procurement, storage, distribution or disposal.

The most crucial services:

  • Cargos and partial cargos in Germany and Europe
  • Individual concepts for fragile distribution transport
  • Transport chains using different modes of transport, sensibly combined
  • Special transport
  • Emergency management around the clock
  • Knowledge management: Long-standing tradition of railway expertise
  • Independent procurement: If other companies need to utilise their fleet to capacity, TRANSA is free to choose the mode of transport and technologies according to requirements
  • Quality assurance: All processes ISO/DIN-certified from transport execution to logistics services

More Information about Quality, Environmental & Security Management at TRANSA Spedition GmbH