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Consulting in Belgium

DB Cargo has founded a new production company: DB Cargo Belgium BVBA has been focusing on the markets in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg since the start of the year Personalised customer support is particularly important to the Antwerp-based team.

The Belgian market has a lot of growth potential. This is particularly true of the ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge, which are of strategic importance for freight transport in Europe. DB Cargo Belgium officially started its work as a DB Cargo Group production company on 1 January. Maarten de Ridder, head of international sales at DB Cargo, says, “Our team in Antwerp is highly experienced and absolutely professional. They are well suited to serve and develop the Benelux market. With in-house operations management and dispatching capacities, our employees can oversee transports on a customer-specific basis.

For example, we plan first and last-mile connections by lorry for our customers alongside weekly train departures. Being based in Antwerp means we have an even better overview of the entire transport process. This service gives us a clear advantage within the market, particularly over our competitors, and our customers benefit from this. Our team is based in the region and has local expertise, which is invaluable when catering to detailed transport requirements.”


“We want to establish DB Cargo’s profile in our regional market – with loaders, in the harbour and with freight forwarders”

Jo Goyvaerts
Head of Rail Services Belgium, DB Cargo Belgium BVBA

Cross-sector service

The Antwerp team has grown in the past six months, and it has also established an operations centre that oversees local business in Belgium’s largest port. A total of 150 people work for DB Cargo Belgium, so the team is perfectly positioned to respond to every kind of customer enquiry before the train even leaves the station, be it for consulting service when designing a transport link, operations management for trains, day-to-day customer communications, or the planning of additional services. The team is always there for both new and existing customers with support and skills that cover multiple sectors.

The new office and contacts in Antwerp guarantee that information can be shared even faster than before, and nobody has far to go if face-to-face communication is necessary. For customers, this change has an immediate positive impact: support from DB Cargo’s experts arrives faster than ever, is better than ever and is fully tailored to their needs. Jo Goyvaerts, head of the Antwerp office, says it is important to offer an attractive portfolio for new customers, particularly in the chemicals sector, while demonstrating to existing customers that the company is a key component in the transport chain. “In addition, we want to establish DB Cargo’s profile in our regional market – with loaders, in the harbour and with freight forwarders. This will ensure that we are the consultants of choice for our customers.”

According to Ghislain Bartholomé, CEO of DB Cargo Belgium BVBA, the company’s goal is to make its name as a provider of seamless, cross-border and international connections for the rail freight market in Belgium. The company operates block trains and single wagon load traffic between Belgium and its neighbouring countries, mainly on the corridor to Germany via Aachen-West. The head office is located close to the port of Antwerp, which is the starting point for intermodal transport and carriage services for the chemicals industry. Zeebrugge is the departure point primarily for car transports and intermodal connections, and services for the steel sector and the French market start in Ghent. Major customers such as Exxon and Hupac are already full of praise for the company’s on-site presence and the direct line of communication to DB Cargo.