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Railways News 08-2017

Working together for better sustainability

DB Cargo develops a complex complete product for biofuel producer Tecosol

With its services for the Ochsenfurt-based biofuel producer Tecosol, DB Cargo is achieving strong growth in a particularly sustainable market. The Lower Franconian company produces premium biofuels for engines and energy producers from residual and waste oil and grease. The rail freight company has been transporting fuels and primary products for Tecosol for many years – not only within Germany, but also internationally to Switzerland, and to and from Rotterdam.

DB Cargo and biofuel producer Tecosol. Freight Train with Ellok Series 185.

DB Cargo has put together a special total package for the customer, which is a sales company called ZG Raiffeisen Biofuels, in which Tecosol is a stakeholder. 

ZG Raiffeisen Biofuels provides DB Cargo BTT with a list of the empty wagons needed by Tecosol or of the wagons loaded by Tecosol ready for transport. DB Cargo BTT then orders the trains with the Customer Service Centre in Duisburg and delivers the respective transport order electronically. 

Transport processing is carried out by DB Cargo. DB Cargo BTT has hired a small fleet of 60 tank wagons specially for Tecosol. It makes sure that the wagons are in perfect condition, takes defective wagons out of circulation and makes new wagons available. 

In Ochsenfurt itself, Tecosol is a co-user on the plant premises of the Südzucker sugar company. DB Cargo manages the regional operative handling to the plant through the Nuremberg production centre. 

When working with ZG Raiffeisen Biofuels, loading and unloading windows must be strictly adhered to, which calls for a particularly high level of dispatching finesse in triangular transports. Two of BTT’s dispatchers are responsible for the customer in a two-shift system. They can follow the trains in real time and can inform the customer if unforeseen events arise. “DB Cargo BTT also takes care of billing and customs clearance, for example during journeys to other EU countries and to Switzerland,” says Wilms-Langer.

This pays off for the customer in a number of ways. “Tecosol is a production operation that wants to concentrate on its core competencies. We, as a service provider, offer everything from a single source,” summarises Wilms-Langer. Moreover, the rail company can also guarantee the environmental sustainability of the product with reduced CO2 emissions. In 2016 the customer was able to significantly reduce its emissions from the transport of 102,186 tonnes over 16 routes. Transporting freight by rail resulted in a saving of 1,924 tonnes of CO2 in comparison to HGV, as evidenced by the certificate issued by DB Cargo to the customer. (an)