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Safety at Chemiepark Marl

DB Cargo trains workers in the chemical industry

DB Cargo puts great emphasis on rail safety, and compliance with the highest safety standards is particularly important in the chemical industry. Together with its customer Evonik, DB Cargo BTT therefore organised Rail Safety Days 2017 at Chemiepark Marl recently.

Saftet Days

In the week-long Rail Safety Days 2017 event on 9–13 October, Chemiepark Marl put the focus on safety in rail transport. In addition to providing essential safety information to staff who deal with transhipments of chemicals at the chemical park every day, the event also raised awareness of how to handle special equipment.
With the Rail Safety Days, DB Cargo is making an important contribution to transport safety. As a market leader on the topic of safety, DB shares the latest expert knowledge with the customers – and can gather direct feedback from them at the same time. DB Cargo BTT has been organising large Rail Safety Days events at the sites of customers in the chemical industry since 2014. These events are unique because they bring together all the relevant players in the value chain: infrastructure operators, safety organisations, and representatives from industry, government and the media.

Saftet Days

Staff training in Marl

The company’s staff in Marl – one of Germany’s biggest chemical sites – were given intensive training at the chemical park. Realistic simulations provided opportunities to practise containing hazardous substances and sealing off leaks, and to carry out other hazard prevention exercises. Specialist events with experts provided a chance to discuss telematics, digitisation and sustainability. In one demonstration, the chemical park’s fire brigade displayed all its expertise by emptying a compressed gas tank wagon in an “emergency” situation.
“At the chemical park we have a living safety culture that we continuously keep up to date with regular events in all safety-relevant areas,” said Dr Jörg Harren, Site Manager at the chemical park. “We want our staff to be safe when they arrive at work in the morning, and we want them all to be able to go home unharmed when they finish work at night. We also aim to live up to this standard when transporting freight outside the chemical park and in terms of protecting the neighbouring population. The Rail Safety Days are therefore a key event for rail transport safety.”

The continuous pursuit of and active participation in the development of rail transport safety will continue, and further Rail Safety Days will be held next year. More details will be available soon.