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ECR introduces corridor structures

The rail freight company bundles its personnel in France for better customer service and higher quality

Euro Cargo Rail (ECR), the French DB Cargo subsidiary, has completed its restructuring measures. The rail freight company has regrouped its operational functions, streamlined processes and improved internal communication. The aim of the restructuring measures is to improve service quality for customers and to make internal communication simpler and more efficient. “I am very proud of the work we have put in over the last eighteen months. It means we can now start a new chapter in terms of service and quality,” says ECR’s CEO Gottfried Eymer.

ECR France

In future, ECR will concentrate on transport corridors oriented around existing operations and that bundle all trains as well as the resources behind them. The company has established three corridors: Nord, Mediterranée and Atlantique. The Nord corridor mainly involves transport operations in northern France, Belgium and the UK, while the Mediterranée corridor covers trains in south-eastern France and links from Italy to the Mediterranean and Spain, especially the major port of Barcelona. The Atlantique corridor runs from Saarbrücken to the Atlantic coast via Paris and Bordeaux, linking Germany, France and Spain.

New staff roles

The staff assigned to each respective corridor work at ECR’s Paris headquarters and in the regional sites. They are now responsible for the trains that run mainly in their corridor. Not only do they take care of production, they will also in future be responsible for customer service, providing customers and partners with relevant information.

ECR is also carrying out internal restructuring to allow streamlined and more efficient train planning and production. New positions are being created at the Paris headquarters in order to better integrate planning and production. At present, up to nine different units are involved in train dispatch management – in future, it will only be two. “This restructuring means that customer service staff get the relevant information from Production more quickly, and can respond more swiftly as a result,” says Eymer. “That helps directly improve the quality of the service for our customers.” (an)