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DB Cargo renews Alpine transit contract with SBB Cargo

DB Cargo and SBB Cargo of Switzerland reaffirm their successful cooperation. The Alpine transit contract was renewed early for an additional three years.

At the contract signing in Frankfurt am Main, DB Cargo CEO Dr Roland Bosch (image right) said, "For five years now, DB Cargo and SBB Cargo have had a joint undertaking to provide transit across the Alps. This has helped us shift freight from the road to the rails. We introduced transport in three-hour intervals between Mannheim and Chiasso, creating a high-capacity transport system from the Rhine valley in Germany all the way to Italy. There have been ups and downs, but the experience has shown that our alliance works even in difficult circumstances."

Nicholas Perrin, CEO of SBB Cargo: "Trans-Alpine services through Switzerland are very important to us and our owner, SBB – and by extension to the Swiss government. Our partnership means that we can create added value for DB Cargo because we have higher volumes and can therefore design more efficient production processes. This also helps the shift to rail-based transport."

On behalf of its German partner, SBB Cargo operates approximately 130 freight trains per week from the German city of Mannheim or the Swiss city of Basel across the Alps to Chiasso on Switzerland's border with Italy – and it does so with an ambitious on-time arrival target of 95%. Freight trains are considered to be late if they arrive more than 60 minutes behind schedule.