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Noah's Train: On the move for children

"Children for the Climate" – this is the slogan of the eye-catching Noah's Train as it travels across Europe sending a message of climate awareness. The freight train's next stop is in Oberhausen on 29 June.

Embarking on another tour of Germany, Noah's Train is a colourful way to draw attention to eco-friendly, rail-based freight transport. This time, it is also focusing on children and the climate. So far, people in Leipzig and Munich have had an opportunity to get up close to the larger-than-life images of animals and add their own design suggestions. The train's next stops will be Oberhausen on 29 June and Luxembourg on 10 July.

Most of the containers on the wagons have been designed by high-profile street artists, but kids also have the chance to add their own messages as well. Some of the additions that appeared in Leipzig were "Use trains and bikes more" and "Lower CO2 means more climate protection". In Munich, the menagerie was joined by an unhappy polar bear perched on a tiny piece of ice saying "I'm going under! Take trains for my sake."

Named after Noah's Ark in the bible, the train is an initiative from Rail Freight Forward (RFF), a group of several rail freight operators around Europe that want to demonstrate just how green rail transport is. As well as Germany, the train has visited Poland, Austria, Italy and Belgium. RFF's goal is to increase rail freight's total sector share to 30% by 2030.

For more information, see https://railfreightforward.eu