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"Happy Bee by TFG": Transfracht sponsors bee colony

Germany's bees are steadily declining in numbers. Wild bees are up against a lack of habitats, and even honeybees in the great outdoors are barely clinging to survival. That's what led TFG to take the unusual step of sponsoring a colony of bees.

For TFG Transfracht, sustainability doesn't just end with environmentally friendly rail transport. The seaport hinterland logistics specialist has therefore become a bee sponsor as part of the company's environmental management. The initiative is a way to take a stand against colony collapse disorder and promote the conservation of nature and wildlife. Since early August, TFG has been supporting a colony of bees dubbed "Happy Bee by TFG".

The TFG colony resides with beekeeper Heinrich Goller in Buxtehude in the Altes Land region. Goller is a humi926+wo of the German association of beekeepers and has the task of looking after TFG's bees. Situated near Hamburg on the opposite bank of the Elbe, the site is outstandingly well-suited to its purpose. Ideal living conditions prevail between the geest landscape, marshland and fruit plantations Altes Land is known for. The happy TFG bees will be able to pollinate trees and plants along the wetlands and in Buxtehude's many green spaces, adding to the city's environmental diversity.

"It gives us great pleasure to live up to our obligation as a company and to commit to environmental protection in matters great and small by providing a new colony with a safe home," said Dr Bernd Pahnke, Spokesman of the Board of Managing Directors of TFG Transfracht.

When it comes to green logistics, this logistics provider is setting a strong example. TFG focuses on transporting goods predominantly by rail, which emits roughly 80% less CO2 than trucks. For those customers that want to go a step farther, TFG offers the DBeco plus option, allowing entirely zero-carbon rail transport. When this option is chosen, 100% of the energy needed to transport the goods is drawn from renewable energy sources.