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Get active —interactive, that is!

Now, DB Cargo's customers can get an even speedier overview of our European network, rail links and services. They can also send transport requests directly.

DB Cargo launched its interactive network map two years ago and has now revamped it from head to toe, adding multiple improvements. Thanks to an intuitive, app-like menu system, users get direct feedback in response to their input and the map immediately adapts to the information they want.

Four categories visually summarise the most important products:

  • Networks: rail links in Europe and all the way to Asia
  • Shuttles: direct links with regular schedules and industry optimisation
  • Corridors: particularly rapid, high-frequency connections between European industrial centres
  • Industry solutions: customised products, such as for the automotive, chemical, steel and timber industries

The map directly displays the locations of freight stations, multimodal terminals, railports, hubs and seaports. Pressing the "search for rail link" button gives users a proposed transport link that is tailor made. Simply select the point of departure and the destination, then send the enquiry directly to our customer service department. 

The system also clearly lists the locations of national DB Cargo companies, along with contact information, product details, departure frequencies and runtimes. Our customers tell brief stories explaining which of our products they use, why they use them and how they have benefited from them.

Being a DB Cargo customer has never been easier. Give it a try: https://netzwerk.dbcargo.com/en