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DB Cargo is uniquely different

A colourful locomotive will shortly tour Germany, illustrating the diversity at the country's largest rail freight operator.

The DB Group has established an initiative demonstrating the extent of its diversity, and DB Cargo is at the heart of this undertaking. Dubbed "Einziganders" in German, the initiative's name can be translated as "uniquely different". It encapsulates what employees bring to the Group: different points of view, different values and skills, a host of languages, a range of identities and religions, colleagues of different ages working side by side, and women in what are often considered men's jobs.

At DB Cargo, we strongly believe that our diversity helps to improve our customer focus because, in a diverse environment, we can develop new products by looking at issues from different perspectives. We can also bridge the gap between tradition and innovation by passing knowledge from one generation to the next.

Though diversity is already part and parcel of our working lives, it is still worth putting in the spotlight. To raise awareness, we celebrated our Diversity Week at the beginning of November. A new locomotive sporting an Einziganders livery also marked the occasion and will be an eye-catching sight on its future travels.