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2018 Integrated Report

The 2018 Integrated Report of DB-Group is now also available in English

The 2018 Integrated Report bears the title "On track towards a better railway" and presents a comprehensive picture of DB Group's development in the three dimensions of sustainability: "Environmental, Economic and Social". Another focus topic is the agenda for a better railway, with its extensive measures for a concrete improvement in the integrated rail system. The opening chapter "getting better" is divided into the topics "expand", "improve" and "digitize" and thus shows the most important action fields of the agenda. Of course, DB Arriva and DB Schenker will also be considered. 
This year's report is a further development of the 2017 Integrated Report, especially with regards to content, design and structuring. Unchanged, all relevant standards of financial and sustainability reporting are fulfilled. The DB Group remains a pioneer in integrated reporting.

In addition to the print report, a separate online version with online enhancements is available on our website: db.de/ib-e 
Printed reports can be ordered on our website: db.de/ib-bestellung-en or via e-mail  ir@deutschebahn.com.