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Kundenmagazin railways DB Cargo Ausgabe 2-2018

Technology and innovation

The latest edition of Railways shows how DB Cargo is using technical solutions to make its customers' supply chains more secure and efficient.

Any company that wants to satisfy its customers' exacting requirements at a competitive cost by offering reliability has to drive digitalisation both at the company itself and by collaborating with the customers. That is the conclusion reached in a study by BVL International on digital transformation. When it comes to logistics, technical and digital aspects are the crucial levers for future-proofing supply chains and ensuring companies can remain competitive as service providers.

DB Cargo has been on the forefront of digitalisation for quite some time. DB Cargo is putting innovative approaches and processes into effect to make its customers' supply chains better and better and ever more efficient.

For Deutsche Bahn, the potential of predictive analytics is a particularly important topic. That is because the extensive data already generated from day-to-day business in the past can allow scientists and creative minds to make predictions about future developments today, for example at DB Cargo's Asset and Maintenance Digital Lab in Frankfurt. DB's interdisciplinary teams here at the lab are putting their heads together with external partners to draw up solutions related to the automation and digitalisation of vehicles and maintenance processes. For example, they are enabling better predictions about the flow of traffic. These allow customers to be provided with certain freight wagons more quickly. At the same time, predictive maintenance makes it possible to maintain locomotives and wagons more quickly and efficiently, getting them back on the tracks ready for customers.

More topics in the next issue

DB Cargo is also taking the future into its own hands at its freight wagon innovation workshop, where it is working in close consultation with its customers to develop the freight wagons of tomorrow that will precisely meet their needs. However, digitalisation doesn't just have an outsized impact on customer relationships; it also affects DB Cargo's employees. Digitalisation offers an enormous opportunity to boost efficiency and automation, but it also creates a need to adapt current occupations and identify alternative career paths, explains the Board Member for Human Resources, Dr Ursula Biernert. In her interview, she goes into detail about how the company can empower employees and managers for the workplace of the future

You can read more about technology and other innovations in the new edition of our customer magazine, Railways.