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DB Cargo Czechia brings five shunters to Turkey

They are used in the largest Turkish steelworks in Isdemir near the Syrian border.

The type 600 EffiShunter diesel electric shunting locomotives are from Czech manufacturer CZ Loko, which makes five classes of shunting locomotives. Between July and October, two new locomotives set off on the journey, followed by three more. DB Cargo Czechia took full charge of the transports, taking them from the plant in Česká Třebová to Turkey on various routes by rail, road and water.

The first locomotives to be transported spent more than half of the 3,000 km journey on trucks. Next, the route was optimised to be largely rail based all the way to the Turkish city of Pavas, with a passage by ferry over the Sea of Marmara. From there, it's only 30 more kilometres to Isdemir, a city near the Turkish-Syrian border that is home to Turkey's largest steelworks.

"We at DB Cargo Czechia are happy to have landed this customer. We were able to accumulate new experience while offering a complex logistics solution with rail transport playing a starring role. It was only thanks to our DB Cargo network in south-eastern Europe and our collaboration with DB Schenker Arkas in Turkey that we were able to adhere to the timetable and meet the most stringent customer requirements", said Jan Rajnoch, Head of Sales at DB Cargo Czechia.

Within three years, the company İskenderun Demir ve Çelik (İskenderun iron and steel) aims to boost its production by up to 30%, and rail transport is set to play a key role in the effort.

The 72-tonne EffiShunter 600 has a powerful 563 kW diesel engine that supplies electricity to all four electrically driven axles. With that engine, the locomotive tops out at a maximum speed of 80 km an hour while pulling up to 220 kilonewtons.