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Build on the rails

Building materials manufacturers throughout Europe rely on the competence of DB Cargo AG. We transport clay, tiles, cement, gravel and grit, but also finished products and building materials to warehouses and construction sites.

Large construction sites are especially complex logistical systems. Vast quantities of gravel, shingle, sand, concrete components and sleepers are required. We are building material specialists who are completely familiar with the particularities of the industry. We have recourse to goods wagons with state-of-the-art loading and unloading technologies, make them available at the exact location and make full use of the full range of services of the largest European freight railways.

Our particular strength lies in the qualified provision of advice to customers on all issues relating to a logistically high-quality and economically sustainable overall solution – from planning to the loading and unloading of different goods and transhipment from one mode of transport to another.

  • Europe-wide conveyance of clay and soil containing clay in multimodal transport chains. We are supplying the Italian tile industry with up to 1.2 million tonnes of clay within a year in an intermodal transport concept – for which we have also purchased special containers and these are in use. By means of an intelligent concentricity concept in which we transport the finished tiles back to Central/Northern Europe again, we create attractive operating times and the improved availability of resources for our customers.
  • We are experts in construction site logistics and have comprehensive experience in logistics processes. Whether sand, gravel, grit or ballast is involved – we reliably meet all freight train requirements.
  • The cement industry is one of our major customers: With freight wagons for powder-form goods for loose cement and fly ash, open freight wagons for cement clinker and with covered freight wagons for sacked cement we can handle the specific characteristics of all products requiring transport.