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Industry-specific logistics concepts from a single source

As the largest European service provider for integrated chemicals and hazardous goods logistics we offer you intelligent, industry-specific concepts and convey your goods quickly and safely to their destination.

When large volumes of hazardous goods and long distances are involved, the railways are especially suitable as a safe and environmentally-aware means of transport. In addition to block train products, we also offer special corridor solutions for time-sensitive single wagon traffic and container solutions in combined traffic.

Our single-source services, especially for the sensitive industries of chemicals and mineral oil, are listed extensively on the DB Cargo BTT Website. You can find a brief overview below.


The importance of the chemical industry has increased dramatically in recent years. Chemicals are needed to manufacture more than 90% of the products we use every day. At DB Cargo BTT, we are ready with our decades of experience to help you with the logistics this involves.

We are your strong, expert partner for basic and specialty chemicals.

As well as block train products, we offer special corridor solutions for time-sensitive single-wagonload transport (see also DBchem-solution) and container solutions in combined transport.

Enjoy the advantages of DB Cargo BTT:

  • Diverse fleet of different tank containers
  • On-demand transport for your products
  • High standards, e.g. in transporting polyurethanes or specialty chemicals
  • Professional transport management
  • High level of transport safety and experts specially trained in handling hazardous substances
  • Experienced emergency management team
  • Comprehensive ISOPA certification of all our service providers
  • Regular shuttle trains between major chemical production sites and European ports


We would be delighted to develop customized solutions with you for your transport needs. We look forward to hearing from you.


Dieter Baierle

Head of Chemicals Sector Sales
DB Cargo BTT GmbH

+49 (0)6131 15-73118

Demand for fossil fuels is not expected to relent in the coming years. With a share of 35%, mineral oil was by far the most important energy source in Germany in 2014, and this trend is set to continue.
Continuous mineral oil transport is essential to ensuring a smooth supply. We offer flexible, tailor-made solutions that our customers can rely on. We are a one-stop shop for complete mineral oil solutions, including both transport and other logistics management services. Our customer base includes major mineral oil groups as well as small and medium-sized companies and mineral oil traders.

We transport mineral oil from the largest German and European refineries to some 100 tank farms and industrial sites across Europe. Together with our partners, we offer safe, flexible, bespoke solutions. 
Whether you are looking simply for transport services or to outsource all your logistics, our experts work with you to develop tailor-made solutions for your business. We look forward to hearing from you.


Gabriele Jansen-Krekels

Head of Mineral Oil Sector Sales
DB Cargo BTT GmbH

+49 6131 15-73112