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Coal keeps rumbling on

The days of coal mining are numbered, but the coal mining industry can still count on the railways. Directly from the mine or if we are transferring entire cargoes of coal from ships in the port onto the rails.

Year after year, DB Cargo AG Montan transports just under 30 million tonnes of black coal and 10 million tonnes of brown coal. A pre-requisite for this enormous achievement is the correct equipment and comprehensive logistics and industry expertise.

We transport the majority of black coal, coke, brown coal and brown coal products non-stop to the recipient – directly from the mine, from the open pit mine or the entry port. We transport complete ship cargoes inland with block trains.

With great cost-effectiveness and scheduled turnaround times, you can count on timely delivery and appropriate timeframes for loading and unloading. "Paperless haulage" enables transport to be executed digitally in national traffic.

Together with our customers, we develop needs-based programmes for all scopes of transport. We offer timely solutions with the highest degree of supply reliability to enable power stations and steel producers, for example, to reduce their stockpiles. At the same time, we work flexibly to enable us to react to changed situations and volumes immediately.
Our specialists are familiar with all types of coal and have a fleet of 8,200 freight wagons of different designs which are equipped for all tasks.

DB Cargo AG can ensure seamless supply from a single source with the adoption, management, monitoring and optimisation of the entire supply chain.
In cooperation with the group’s own subsidiaries, DB Cargo Nederland and the DAP Barging B.V. shipping company, reliable, flexible transport programmes are established to power stations or warehouses such as the Duisburg coal island of RBH Logistics GmbH which belongs to the group. This ensures great adherence to schedules, supply and sustainability.

At your request, DB Cargo AG coal and steel performs local shunting and unloading on the siding on your behalf. It can also take care of the complete works traffic to thereby attain even more efficient processes.