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Innovative rail-based disposal logistics

Disposing of unusable items, recycling and recovering raw materials - DB Cargo AG creates comprehensive transport and logistics concepts for you as a competent partner.

According to our customers’ requirements, we are increasingly developing intermodal European concepts together with partners. DB Cargo AG transports more than 1.5 million tonnes of refuse annually with relevant special equipment with narrow legal framework conditions and often as a project transaction.

Whether it involves mere transport services in the residential waste sector, the additional interlinking with facility logistics in the transport of residue from paper recycling or offers of complete packages – for example, in the disposal of soil, DB Cargo AG creates comprehensive recovery concepts and logistics offers, including all additional services, on request. And this even happens in a turnkey manner as DB Cargo AG holds the necessary approvals according to the Lifecycle Management Act (KrWG) as a certified specialist disposal company and is a member of the disposal community Transport und Umwelt e.V.

We transport all kinds of waste for you. Our longstanding experience and expertise is in the following sectors in particular:

  • Household waste
  • Residues from paper recycling
  • Filter dust and clinker from MVA/EBS power stations
  • Ground & tunnel excavation
  • Contaminated soils
  • Steelworks clinker/dust
  • Special waste
  • Used oil
  • Precast concrete components
  • Sewage sludge
  • Power station by-products

In these segments, DB Cargo AG develops and executes tailor-made disposal logistics concepts, together with customers from the manufacturing industry, disposal / raw materials companies and logistics service providers and municipal companies.

The “Transport and Logistics Cooperation Prize” announced annually by the Bundesverband Wirtschaft, Verkehr und Logistik e. V. (BWVL) was awarded to DB Cargo AG and the Palm paper facility in 2010. The common logistics concept of both companies on power station provision of the Palm facility in Wörth in Rhineland-Palatinate convinced the panel.
The criteria for the "Cooperation prize" were an increase in efficiency and quality, close organisational and IT integration, the practice-orientated implementation of innovative technologies and the preservation of resources and a decrease in lead times, administrative costs, error quotas and logistics costs.

  • Domestic waste transport on behalf of different waste disposal associations
  • Filter dust transport in broken transport, transport and logistics concepts within the scope of European site and landfill site remediations, e.g. Boehringer, Ingelheim (D), Pasquale Hügel, Bozen (I) and Deponie Bonfol, Bonfol (CH)
  • Transport and logistics concepts within the scope of tunnel construction projects, e.g. Alte Mainzer Tunnel, Mainz

With DBdisposal-solution we offer a custom-fit branch product for the needs of waste and raw materials management.