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Paper is impatient

Newspapers, books, letters – paper remains irreplaceable even in the age of the Internet. New growth markets for paper for packaging and cartons are opening up. We ensure that paper and pulp quickly get to where they are required – across Europe and just on ti

DB Cargo AG now transports roughly 6.5 million tonnes of paper and pulp Europe-wide. Our particular strength lies in smooth and reliable transportation, even over long distances.

We make appropriate transport equipment available for the special requirements of our customers and can thus safely convey paper rolls (lying and standing) and palleted format paper.

For customers who do not have their own sidings, we can organise access by lorry via buffer store, such as our rail ports, with numerous locations in Germany and Europe. Thus, we can service printing houses and packaging producers just-in-time with special vehicles via road.

In addition to the quantities delivered directly from the facility, large quantities of paper and pulp from the entire world reach the major sea ports daily. DB Cargo AG connects the ports to the hinterland. Our partners at the ports safely execute the transhipment and loading of the goods and DB Cargo AG then takes care of Europe-wide distribution to the end customers and paper manufacturers.

Our branch product DBpaper-solution stands for our special expertise in this segment. DBpaper-solution reliably connects the significant national and international production and printing company locations.

  • Assisting customers in developing economical and environmentally-friendly concepts for paper transport from Scandinavia to consumers in Germany, Italy and France.
  • Assurance of the connection from European paper facilities and ports to the hinterland. We thus ensure the Europe-wide distribution of large volumes of paper and pulp for the supplying of printing companies, packaging producers and paper manufacturers.
  • Reliable supplying with shuttle connections to Spain, France and Italy.
Pulp and Paper Summit 2018

As part of a varied program, more than 70 customers and logistics partners of the pulp-, paper- and packaging-industry discussed current industry trends and their effects on logistics with DB Cargo on May 15 at the 4th Pulp- and Paper-Summit in Potsdam.

The focus was on the topics of digitization and demographic changes, which were presented in interesting keynote speeches and supplemented by further topics in workshops with the participants.

Find some impressions here.

Pulp and Paper Summit 2018 gallery