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Innovations for standard and special freight wagons

With our expertise we find solutions for all issues relating to technology and optimisation of freight wagon and Combined Traffic documentation.

As freight wagon professionals we create the pre-requisites for a marketable and environmentally-friendly means of freight transport. We are thus constantly further developing existing solutions and searching for innovations for the design of freight wagons.

Our team of specialists for standard and special freight wagons, bulk freight wagons and Combined Traffic wagons provides economic, technical solutions and innovations for all phases of the lifecycle of freight wagons and Combined Traffic components. It constructs and documents comprehensive economic and approvable conversion, modernisation and maintenance measures.

Our range of services

  • Fleet condition and index monitoring
  • Technical and operational ad hoc investigation of the causes of damage
  • Continuous analysis and evaluation of damage and LCCs
  • Development and implementation of economic solutions to problems
  • Technically operational user consultancy
  • Maintenance consultancy
  • Operational specifications
  • Taking care of the entire system
  • Development and implementation of uniform documentation principles
  • Assurance of non-variable part management
  • Creation and maintenance of design files
  • Creation and updating of spare parts lists
  • Consultation for ECM on documentation issues

  • Integration of automotive innovations
  • Planning, construction and execution of changes to designs
  • Creation of specification sheet
  • Preparation of sample wagons
  • Field testing
  • Telematics on freight wagons
  • Component advice
  • Development and overseeing of conversion, modernisation and maintenance measures
  • Implementation and documentation of automotive innovations
  • Planning, construction and execution of changes to designs
  • Feasibility studies
  • Component consultancy (steps, handles and lettering)
  • Verification of sketches/documents for the procurement of spare parts
  • Standard and technical testing of sketches and parts lists
  • Amendments and approval with documents available

  • Analysis of requirements and comparison with the respective technical and operational framework conditions
  • Consultation on the Technical Operability Specification (TSI), the Trans-European Railway Interoperability Ordinance (TEIV) and pertinent standards and directives
  • Drafting of approval documentation
  • Execution or overseeing of the approval procedure as a representative of the applicant
  • Processing of the approval with network operators and approval authorities in Germany and across Europe

Relating to freight wagons or Combined Traffic, e.g. the International Union of Railways (UIC), national mirror groups, ISO and the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN). Testing and certification of Combined Traffic loading units.

  • Type examinations according to EN 283 and UIC leaflets 592 and 596-6
  • Codification of certified loading units according to EN 13 044 or UIC leaflet 596-6
  • Verification and decision as to whether design amendments require recertification

  • Determination of the carrying wagon – swap body combinations or Pocket wagon – semi-trailer
  • Profile calculation for loading units on the basis of manufacturer information
  • Determination of information for “Technical Characteristics” (codification plates)
  • Registration of loading units with DB codification in a database