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Reliability and flexibility between Belgium and Europe

With the Zeebrugge-shuttle, DB Cargo operates an overnight direct connection between Germany and one of the most modern ports in Europe.

In Gremberg, Germany we feed the goods into the European single wagon network. Thus, the Zeebrugge shuttle combines the flexibility of single wagon traffic with the reliability and speed of the block train system.

Network DB Cargo - Zeebrugge-shuttle

  • Overnight connection between Germany and Belgium
  • Speed and reliability
  • 3 round trips per week Gremberg - Zeebrugge; from February 2017 an additional routine trip per week to Zeebrugge
  • More trips are possible where required
  • Multi-client compatible
  • Competitive price
  • Customer service from a single provider
  • Environmentally-friendly transport due to CO2 reduction