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Southeastern Europe's leading block train system

The transport services also cover Turkey and Iran. Onward carriage takes place by single wagon or by lorry.

Power Railer is our well-established transport system between central, northern and eastern Europe and to the southeastern Europe region. The block train system uses conventional freight wagons with a high carried load and large capacity. Goods are transported in single wagons or lorries to the train formation points at Sopron, Sturovo and Villach. From there the block trains travel to Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. In these countries there are similar options for onward carriage by rail or road.

Karte PowerRailer

  • Eco-friendly transportation
  • Use of a system that has had a leading role in southeastern Europe's rail transport for almost 20 years
  • Affordable carriage thanks to the use of conventional freight wagons and transport in block trains
  • High frequency of departures from the train formation points (2 to 3 departures per week)
  • Stable cargo rate
  • All from one source and door-to-door service