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Rely on Europe’s market leader in combined transport

DB Cargo Intermodal is a specialist in combined transport and links other transport modes with environmentally friendly rail services – ecologically, reliably and congestion-free.

Within our European network, we offer all services relating to combined transport (CT) from a single source. Regardless of whether semi-trailers, containers or swap bodies are involved – our complete CT network connects Europe's major transport hubs with over 1,500 national and international trains per week.
In maritime CT we connect the northern and western ports with the European hinterland extending as far as Turkey, on routes linking Hamburg with Eastern Europe, for example, or Rotterdam with Switzerland. We operate along the main transport corridors on the European continent and can therefore connect Scandinavia with Italy or Germany with Poland, to name but a few options.

Using different modes of transport, such as rail, road or waterways, our transport is especially economical and environmentally friendly. Particular emphasis is placed on rail freight transport due to its sustainable environmental balance.

Combined transport at Network DB Cargo map

On the Network DB Cargo map you will find the AlbatrosExpress network as well as the
Kombiverkehr de.NETdirekt+ and eu.NETdirekt+

Together with our competent partners, we offer you valuable combined transport logistics services:

  • Intermodal rail transport in Europe
  • Transhipment and terminal services
  • Pre-carriage and onward carriage for intermodal rail transport
  • Provision of equipment
  • Services relating to load units and wagon management
  • Depot services

Our products offer you logistical solutions specially tailored to your individual requirements. Talk to us – we are sure to have a suitable solution for you.

Europe’s most successful operators are our sales partners. They take care of haulage agents, shipowners and consignors and assist them in integrating combined transport and intermodal services into their logistics chains. We offer market-specific networks in conjunction with them. Our neutral position enables us to enjoy a successful and efficient partnership in all sectors.

Our reputable partners include:

And we are not only successful in intermodal transport on Europe’s railways. We also offer comprehensive logistics solutions supplemented by additional services that you can benefit from. For this purpose, we have specialists to hand whose services are bywords for high quality and high performance:

Our subsidiary DB Intermodal Services and
Deutsche Umschlaggesellschaft Schiene-Straße (DUSS)

With our intermodal transport services, we connect the railways with road and ocean transport and develop integrated logistics solutions from a single source. The intermodal market sector transports roughly two million load units on the railways every year. In approximately 30 countries, they travel over 40 million kilometres per year, which corresponds to some 1,025 orbits of the earth. The DB Cargo AG Business Unit is a European market leader in CT with this service.

The Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) supports combined transport consignments on Austrian territory according to a special directive that guarantees funding for the provision of rail freight transport services in certain production forms in Austria, approved by Resolution of the European Commission C(2012) 5067 of 25 July 2012. You will find further information regarding the conditions of the funding programme and the subsidy amounts on the BMVIT website