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Multimodal logistics centres – door-to-door logistics services

Enjoy all the advantages, even without your own sidings.

Multimodal logistics centres combine the advantages of rail, road and regional warehouses. They offer sidings and enable quick and easy transhipment from lorry to train and vice versa. This allows even small volumes, e.g. palleted goods, to be fed into our European single wagon system.

Our Europe-wide single wagon network conveys your goods quickly, safely and in an eco-friendly manner on the rails. In addition, we offer you further logistics services, such as transport monitoring, storage, just-in-time provision and order picking.

Our logistics centres offer outdoor storage areas, warehouse facilities, set-up options for freight wagons, covered loading/unloading platforms and special equipment for the handling of the most diverse goods. Forklifts are used to handle pallets and paper, while cranes are available in many locations for swap bodies and containers. All manner of other equipment can also be organised and kept ready at short notice.

Our logistics centres are not only easily accessible in the rail production system, but are also optimally located in relevant economic regions. We currently have recourse to a network of over 100 locations operated both by us and by third parties throughout Europe. Some locations predominantly specialise in certain products, e.g. automotive parts.

In addition, DB Netz AG's loading points enable the transfer of your transported goods from the road onto the rails and vice versa. Loading points include loading lanes, loading sidings and loading ramps.

Multimodal logistics centres and loading points are supplemented with CT terminals and depots for the transhipment and warehousing of standard CT load units.
All multimodal logistics centres (Railports) and CT terminals in Europe and loading platforms in Germany can be found in our online tool under https://schienenzugang.dbcargo.com/eng/start.


Your customer advisor or the new customer service will be happy to provide you with further information on rail-based door-to-door logistics, in particular on a specific range of services and equipment at certain locations.