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We can find a solution for everyone

Rail-based transport chains are flexible and customer-focused.

We offer you production-synchronised direct wagon loading without a dispatch warehouse 365 days a year and punctual delivery in a narrow timeframe at the other end of the transport chain. We can organise pre-carriage and onward carriage of your transport by road and ensure provision of an efficient and appropriate just-in-time service to the recipients. You have transparency and control over your dispatched goods along the entire route.

Should you require warehousing to store your consignment between dispatch and delivery, we can offer you various logistics solutions from a single source in combination with value-added services, thanks to our multimodal logistics centres.

Multimodal logistics centres combine the advantages of rail and road. The railways give you cost advantages over long transport distances, mass volume performance, reliability and eco-friendliness, while transport by road complements rail's strengths by adding flexibility, network compatibility and small load capabilities.

  • Palleted goods, such as consumer goods, packed chemical products, pre-products from mechanical engineering and plant engineering, food packaging or non-temperature-controlled foods
  • Steel products, metal products, pre-products from the steel industry
  • Paper rolls
  • Containers, swap bodies
  • Bulk goods
  • Project cargoes
  • Quick and reliable multimodal door-to-door transport
  • Environmentally friendly rail transport
  • Optimisation of the supply chain according to customer wishes
  • Coverage of a broad range of goods
  • Extensive network with efficient partners
  • Reliable transport by a global leading logistics group and Europe’s largest freight railway
  • Cost-reducing potential by outsourcing and low cost of rail transport over long distances
  • Around-the-clock logistics without transport time restrictions associated with long-distance road transport (such as Sunday driving bans, for example)
  • Being taken care of by a single provider who is number one in European rail freight and overland transport
  • Organisation of pre-carriage and onward carriage by road
  • Taking care of warehousing and warehouse management
  • Value-added services (VAS) in logistics, such as quality assurance, packaging, repackaging and order picking
  • Execution of rail-based JIT and JIS concepts