API implementation: the logical next step for link2rail

link2rail is even faster and more convenient with an API

Track&Trace, Geofence Control and Empty Wagon are just some of DB Cargo's impressive range of eServices designed to help customers digitalise their logistics processes. Customers have been able to use these digital services from DB Cargo for many years already. However, the introduction of APIs has made the eServices even more convenient. The first eServices to feature the interfaces, Track&Trace and Empty Wagon, were joined by Geofence Control in 2022.

Before the APIs were launched, the eServices could only be accessed via the link2rail dashboard. For the eServices mentioned above, users can now sidestep this "hurdle" by implementing the link2rail API. This enables them to access the booked services directly from their system without having to separately log into the link2rail portal. The API for the "Order" eService is set to follow at the end of 2022. It will of course still be possible to use link2rail via the portal.

Added convenience and time savings with an API

But what exactly is an API? An application programming interface (API) is a way to transfer data easily between IT systems. An API is not a program or a database, but the code that enables communication between databases and facilitates the exchange of information. The code is implemented directly in the customer's system, and DB Cargo can assist with the implementation upon request. Once the API has been implemented, users no longer need to call up the link2rail portal and can access the data in their own system much faster – for added convenience and time savings. 

APIs are state-of-the-art interfaces that offer major advantages over electronic data interchange (EDI), for example when it comes to the speed of data exchange, the integration of other systems, and real-time transparency – all without the need for additional adaptation. This is why DB Cargo intends to focus primarily on APIs in the future and will make important new developments and innovations available exclusively via API. Although EDI will still be supported, no further improvements will be implemented, which means that switching from an EDI interface to an API makes a lot of sense.

About link2rail Geofence Control

Geofence Control is a link2rail eService that provides more transparency in freight wagon tracking. Designed to be used with freight wagons equipped with GPS and telematics, it provides an overview of all wagons at a specific site and displays information such as wagon numbers, order data and idle times. Find out more about the Geofence Control API here:

About link2rail Track&Trace

When you order something for delivery, you naturally want to know what is happening with your shipment. This applies not only to online shopping but to the logistics sector as well. With link2rail Track&Trace you can keep an eye on your order at all times and enjoy additional features such as a tracking history and status notifications into the bargain. Find out more about the Track&Trace API here:

About link2rail Empty Wagon

link2rail Empty Wagon lets you order empty wagons easily and monitor the subsequent process online. You can also change and cancel orders in the system. Find out more about the Empty Wagon API here:

About link2rail Order

Ordering in just a few clicks – that is the simple idea behind link2rail Order. Simply log in, place your order and let DB Cargo get to work.

Find out more about link2rail and API implementation support here.

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