"Doing something meaningful makes it all the more enjoyable"

Meike Friedrich sitzt lächeln an einer spiegelnden Scheibe, in der man sie ebenfalls sieht.

"Doing something meaningful makes it all the more enjoyable"

The best in freight: Sustainability Manager Meike.

DB Cargo stands for climate-friendly freight transport, and Meike Friedrich is raising awareness about that among as many customers as possible. In her position as sustainability manager, she works to persuade and inform both internally and externally, and to develop and refine sustainable products and services.

Meike enjoys the diversity of her tasks and the fact that she can always help with exciting projects in addition to her regular work. She also has a lot of creative freedom and can push issues forward.

More diversity is the way

"More diversity means more experiences, more perspectives and more dialogue," says Meike. That of course works best in mixed groups, with people who bring different mindsets. She adds that it's precisely this dialogue that allows everyone to grow personally, though of course the individuals have to be open to that. But, she says, that's exactly how people learn to think outside the box and apply knowledge in new ways. 

Why are there still so few women at DB Cargo?

Meike thinks that railway work still has a rather old-fashioned reputation and that logistics in particular is often seen as a male domain.

But that's not something she sees in her department, where the proportion is well balanced. In her view, the current marketing campaigns are important in showing how freight transport is not only becoming more sustainable but increasingly going with the times.