Train driver, career changer and single mother

Train driver, career changer and single mother

The best in freight: Gesuela from Mannheim.

Until recently, Gesuela, a Mannheim native, worked in retail sales. But she had been feeling a growing desire for a new professional challenge, and the birth of her daughter marked the right time for her to take a new path. When she saw an ad on TV, she made her decision and started retraining as a train driver at DB Cargo.  

A successful fresh start

"Of course, sitting alone in a locomotive is a big change from helping customers. I had to get used to that. But I really like the freedom, and the view too," says Gesuela. Even if it's not always easy to reconcile job and family, she manages it with the support she gets. Her days are tightly scheduled from morning to evening. As the single mother of a four-year-old, the day starts with looking after her daughter, playing, doing housework, shopping, taking the child to daycare, and then going to work. Or she works the early shift so she can pick up and take care of her daughter at lunchtime.

No longer a men's job

Being a woman in a job people typically associate with men is no problem for Gesuela. "At DB Cargo they treat everyone the same. If you're cheerful and motivated, a lot of doors are open to you here. Your gender doesn't matter." In her opinion, many women simply lack information about this profession. If more of them knew how varied the daily routine is and how helpful the coworkers are, more women would take the plunge. Gesuela particularly likes the work-life balance. As a single mother, she appreciates the high level of flexibility.

Gesuela at work as a train driver.

"I hope I'm doing my part to give people a little idea of what it's like, because I'd love to see more women in the driver's seat."

DB Cargo sets great store by diversity in its recruitment activities. People of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and gender identities are welcome. Our corporate culture is based on the principles of respect, appreciation and equal opportunity.