Coal trains are rolling


Coal trains are rolling

The first coal trains to run on specially established priority corridors reach the Saarland

Our power supply is currently an important issue in society and politics. DB Cargo is aware of the responsibility this places on its shoulders and is stepping up to lend its support by helping to ensure the supply of coal to power plants.

The first coal trains reach the Saarland

The first coal trains have now arrived at STEAG's power plant in Bexbach, Saarland, for example, where they were personally received by Oliver Luksic (Parliamentary State Secretary and Logistics Commissioner of the German Government) and Dr Sigrid Nikutta (Member of the Management Board for Freight Transport at Deutsche Bahn AG). The large-scale power plant near Neunkirchen is one of the power plants that benefit from priority corridors and are regularly supplied with coal by DB Cargo.

Priority corridors ensure energy security

Priority corridor means that freight trains are given priority on the rail network on specific transport routes and when specifically involved in supporting public power supply. The German government made the requisite provisions in an ordinance so that coal trains can fulfil their role in the energy supply chain much more quickly. Oliver Luksic said, "We have created the legal framework to be prepared for situations like this. Specifically, it enables energy transports to be prioritised. This is necessary because our rail network is already at full capacity. Cancellations or delays can therefore not be reasonably ruled out. At the same time, we can only succeed in securing supplies to coal-fired power plants if we all work together".

"Challenge for the entire logistics sector"

When receiving the first trains in Bexbach, Dr Nikutta also emphasised the importance of the rail sector in energy security: "Supplying power plants with coal is a challenge for the entire logistics sector. Like so many things at the moment, this is a change that could not have been foreseen months ago. DB Cargo has shown once again how quickly we can react with strong rail freight transport".

Kohlezug auf dem Weg zum Kraftwerk
Coal train on the way to the power plant

Modernisation of coal trains in full swing

DB Cargo BTT's single wagonload network also supplies the Bexbach power plant with ammonia, which is used for flue gas cleaning during production. The power plant could not have been recommissioned without demand-driven deliveries of imported ammonia from seaports. Opting for safe delivery of this hazardous substance by rail was the right step to take.

In addition, DB Cargo is currently modernising more than 1,000 coal wagons for coal transport, some of which were no longer in service and are now being reactivated. This will include retrofitting them with whisper brakes. Which all goes to show that DB Cargo is a reliable partner in power supply.