Simplified transit procedure from Germany to end on 16 July 2023


Simplified transit procedure from Germany to end on 16 July 2023

Information on possible follow-up procedures.

After some postponements, the German Central Customs Authority has confirmed that the simplified transit procedure for rail (sCtp, or NCTS for national transports) may no longer be used for transports departing from Germany after 16 July 2023.

The end of the sCtp/NCTS applies to all EU member states and the countries of the Common Transit Convention, but will come into force at different times. The EU Commission plans for all countries to adopt the change no later than 1 December 2023, however.

What changes apply abroad?

Transports into Germany from other countries will be permitted under the sCtp for as long as the sCtp may be applied in the country of departure. The decisive factor is the time of conversion of the NCTS IT system by the national customs authority in the country of departure.

What will change for DB Cargo AG customers?

Anyone who runs transports with DB Cargo AG under the sCtp/NCTS can contact their customer advisor for further information. They will work together with the customs department to find a suitable alternative for the transports. Registration in an NCTS transport procedure by DB Cargo AG is currently only planned for combined transport from the German seaports and from Weil am Rhein.

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Cristian Cuenca

Head of Customs/Insurances, DB Cargo AG, DB Cargo AG