"Freight belongs on rail" makes a stop in Portugal

The campaign continued to emphasise the importance of rail in the fight against climate change on a visit to the Iberian Peninsula

The striking green container of DB Cargo's sustainability campaign has already made stops in three countries, emphasising the importance of rail in the fight against climate change. After Germany, Great Britain and Spain, it is now also visiting Portugal with its important message.

Slogan: Mercadorias na Ferrovia

At the Portugal Smart Cities Summit 2022 from 11 to 13 October, DB Cargo, with the support of Transfesa Logistics and Medway, presented the container for the first time with the inscription "Mercadorias na Ferrovia", the Portuguese equivalent of "Freight belongs on rail". The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness among public institutions, companies and society as a whole of the importance of rail in reducing CO2 emissions. At the event on the future of our cities, visitors were also able to view a freight wagon and learn about the benefits of freight transport by rail. 

The green container visits Portugal

Still a lot of potential for rail freight transport

In Portugal, too, using rail consistently would lead to an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to transport by road. Currently, rail accounts for 14% of freight transport in Portugal, significantly more than in Spain, where only 4% of goods are transported in this way. However, this also shows that there is still much potential for improvement in both countries on the Iberian Peninsula. This is another reason why Bruno Silva, Managing Director at the Portuguese rail freight company Medway, had concrete expectations of the partnership with the "Mercadorias na Ferrovia" campaign from the very beginning: "As a logistics and rail company, we want to contribute to more sustainable mobility and a more sustainable future". The Smart Cities Summit was not the last stop on the green rail promotion through Portugal; in the coming weeks, DB Cargo, Medway and Transfesa Logistics will put the well-travelled container in the spotlight several more times.