DB Cargo and DHL are expanding their long-standing, close collaboration. The global logistics company DHL is diversifying its sustainability commitment to include a new rail transport service for parcel delivery in Germany for private customers. The new rail service is free of charge and plays an important role in climate protection. Here, the customer is truly king. The service lets customers decide how their online-franked parcels are to be shipped on certain available routes, either the environmentally-friendly way by rail or, as before, by lorry.

The best of both worlds: DHL wants to transport up to 20% of its parcel shipments by rail. DHL and DB Cargo are working closely together to achieve that goal.

DB Cargo currently provides DHL with 200 trains per month, each of which can transport up to 100,000 parcels per journey. Current plans call for 20% of all parcels in the future to be moved by rail on the primary leg of transport. This "green rail" approach reduces CO2 emissions, as every single DHL train eliminates 100% of the emissions that would have been generated by road transport. In a year’s time, that's about 15,000 tonnes of CO2.

“Yellow is Green” – DHL launches campaign with celebrity support  

Since 11 May, "YELLOW IS GREEN" when it comes to promotions for the latest DHL sales campaign; and charisma is in no short supply thanks to spokesman Jürgen Vogel. The actor is the face of the campaign and an advocate for a more sustainable society.  The campaign has an important message: With the help of DB Cargo’s green rails, the transition to a low-carbon economy is achievable. 

Advertising poster from the current "Yellow is Green" campaign.

To help reach its sustainability goals, DHL is offering customers the green rail alternative, free climate-neutral parcel shipping on certain available DB routes throughout Germany.

Green rail – a proven model for fighting climate change

When it comes to sustainable green logistics, rail freight transport plays a major role, and that’s something that’s noticeable throughout the company. DB Cargo is investing in a growth market that is open to all of our new and existing customers. It’s developing tailored green logistics solutions for eco-friendly transport not just for DHL but for other companies as well. DB Cargo's expertise in low-carbon transport not only reduces the carbon footprint of participating companies, it optimises their supply chains.

For example, the DBeco plus product makes transport even greener by utilizing trains powered exclusively by green electricity. TÜV certification guarantees customers that the transport of their goods is 100% carbon-neutral. In addition, 10% of the revenues from  DBeco plus are invested in plants or facilities that generate or store renewable power. Customers who use DBeco neutral receive real freedom of choice; they choose how they want to benefit the environment. Transport-related carbon emissions can be offset through the targeted promotion of climate protection projects that comply with the strictest standard to date, CDM Gold. It’s yet another company commitment that pays off and is certified. 

Find out more about green rail transport on the DB Cargo website.

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