New standards in innovation and climate protection


New standards in innovation and climate protection

DB Cargo to show what modern freight transport looks like at transport logistic 2023.

When it comes to modern, environmentally friendly logistics, it's impossible to ignore DB Cargo. Because sustainability is part of our DNA. At transport logistic in Munich, we'll show you our clever concepts and solutions for climate-friendly freight transport. By harnessing synergies from digitalisation and innovation, we make rail logistics simpler and more flexible, while also reducing carbon emissions. We'll show you exactly how we do it at the trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management.

Driving innovation in rail

We'll be showcasing several of our developments at transport logistic 2023, demonstrating how rail logistics is an ideal field for technical innovation. First, we'll present the freight train of the future, which is multifunctional, modular, digitalised automated and hybrid – features that give it the flexibility to be adapted quickly to our customers' business. 

Digital automatic coupling (DAC) is one component of this and is a real game changer for rail freight transport. DAC not only replaces manual coupling processes; it also improves wagons' sensor technology and enables data exchange. This gives our customers an even better service that is flexible and environmentally friendly.

The future belongs to green logistics

Freight transport is in a state of transition. Car transport isn't the only mode changing in response to the need to reach CO2 targets. We're also hard at work on ways to make rail transport even greener. Every freight train already reduces carbon emissions by 80% to 100% compared to road transport. We want to do even more. By using HVO biodiesel, our locomotives generate zero emissions even on the last mile. How we've achieved this and what the advantages are for our customers is also one of the major topics we'll be focusing on at this year's transport logistic.

Flexible products for an agile economy

Technological progress needs to be paired with practical solutions for companies. And that's what we do with our products. We offer full load solutions for intermodal transport, operate important trade routes between China and Europe and have years of experience as reliable transport experts for a variety of industries. At transport logistic we'll be presenting our expertise to show that we are the ideal solution for your logistics. Because freight belongs on trains – with DB Cargo

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