Merhaba Halkalı

DB Cargo launches first intermodal service to Turkey.

Right at the beginning of 2022, DB Cargo is taking the road less travelled. With the start of the first block train (company train) running regularly from Munich to Halkali, the company is offering the first connection on the South-East Europe Corridor on behalf of Kombiverkehr and Cobantur Boltas. Going forward, more intermodal service will be established between Germany and Turkey with an eye to offering customers new, efficient and, above all, sustainable options to move their goods by rail. 

Rail transport as an attractive option

The project was launched in summer 2021 with the aim of re-establishing an exclusively rail-based route to Turkey. It has resulted in an attractive, sustainable and competitive transport service from Germany to Turkey with a transit time of roughly five and a half days. 

The strategic expansion continues

In the course of 2022, the structures will already be sufficiently established to allow the Halkali route to be handed over to the line organisation. The launch of a second service that runs from Duisburg to Halkali is also waiting in the wings. The coming years will see a drive to further expand the railway network into Turkey. However, DB Cargo also aims to continue to grow strategically on those corridors that have already been developed.

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Judith Friedrich

Account Manager Central, Intermodal Sales DB Cargo AG