Rail freight transport innovations on display in Berlin


Rail freight transport innovations on display in Berlin

DB Cargo showcases technological innovations at InnoTrans

Digitalisation, automation and artificial intelligence are propelling modern rail transport into an exciting new era. InnoTrans, the International Trade Fair for Transport Technology, recently served as the showplace for trailblazing DB Cargo innovations that will revolutionise all aspects of Strong Rail, including its environmental impact. At a media workshop Dr Sigrid Nikutta, CEO of DB Cargo AG and Member of the Management Board for Freight Transport at the DB Group, led a tour of the outdoor display area and spoke to media representatives about the future of rail freight transport.

A freight wagon as a flexible logistics solution

The outdoor display featured a variety of ingenious systems and logistics solutions that wowed the trade fair crowd with their flexibility and sustainability. One noteworthy exhibit was the m² system, a multi-functional freight wagon now entering series production. The m² is adaptable; its modular design allows it to be quickly reconfigured to better meet customer and freight requirements. This kind of flexibility makes the m² a universal means of transport for a wide range of raw and other materials and one that can also be used in economically vital single wagon transport.

The m² system was a highlight of the InnoTrans trade fair.

Automation for the tough jobs

For shunting personnel, digital automatic coupling (DAC) is transforming work for the better. In future, freight wagon coupling will be fully automated thanks to this new technology. What's more, replacing standard manual couplers with DAC can increase the capacity of transhipment terminals by 40%, bringing more sustainability to green rail.

Digital automatic coupling (DAC) optimises shunting.

Flexibility pays off in rail freight transport

The bi-mode locomotive was also on display at InnoTrans. The epitome of climate-friendliness and time efficiency, this flexible locomotive can run on both electrified track sections and routes with no overhead line. Overall, that means less shunting, more time resources and lower carbon emissions. Starting in 2024, DB Cargo will have 150 bi-mode locomotives on the tracks. 

Bi-mode locomotives will soon be a more common sight on Strong Rail tracks.

Digitalisation is a game changer for Strong Rail

DB Cargo's digital platform, link2rail, is one of these game-changing milestones for the company thanks to the maximum convenience offered by its digital interface. Virtual bookings, transport monitoring and invoicing make rail transport much easier thanks to the precise tracking offered by link2rail.

The innovations presented at InnoTrans are accelerating the pace of our Strong Rail strategy. With their help, DB Cargo is positioning itself as a frontrunner in climate protection and technology.