Successful start: Maxi Terminal Hamm opens for business


Successful start: Maxi Terminal Hamm opens for business

Business is off to a smooth start and the new terminal has already excelled with its first successful projects.

Part of Germany's second largest canal port, the new Maxi Terminal Hamm (MTH), which opened in September, offers a large combined transport portfolio and specialises in handling chemicals and dangerous goods. The year-round connection to the seaports in Antwerp and Rotterdam, the large dangerous goods storage facility with capacity for up to 1,200 containers and the ability to handle load units of any size are making Hamm a logistics hub for chemicals and dangerous goods.

First successful transhipments

The terminal can already look back on its first successful weeks of transhipment and storage for dangerous goods. Right from the test phase, the MTH team were able to demonstrate their strengths by setting up, at short notice, a solution to help companies cope with low water levels. The location of the transhipment terminal on the Datteln-Hamm Canal played an important role in this. 

Maxi Terminal Hamm's dangerous goods storage facility is in operation

The Hamm hub connects rail and road and has the infrastructure needed to handle liquid goods. If necessary, inland navigation can be integrated into the multimodal concept using a pumping system. The terminal is operated by Maxi Terminal Hamm GmbH, which was founded in 2021 by four partners: DB Cargo BTT, Lanfer Transporte, Stadtwerke Hamm and Weilke Logistik.

Portfolio: Maxi Terminal Hamm
  • Unique: The MTH is the first public terminal in Europe with a gantry crane capable of handling 75-tonne containers.
  • Safe: Employees have all the right training to handle dangerous goods. The storage facility for dangerous goods can accommodate approximately 1,200 containers.
  • Multimodal: The terminal is connected to rail, road and waterways and offers a range of transhipment options. The pumping system adds another logistics service to the MTH portfolio.
  • Connected: The MTH can be reached by road via the A1 and A2 and by rail via the Hamm hub. It is also connected to the seaports of Antwerp and Rotterdam all year round via the Datteln-Hamm Canal.
  • Always on track(s): Four rail tracks, each 150 metres long, a gantry crane and a reach stacker ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

Maxi Terminal Hamm passes first acid test with flying colours 

But the MTH not only benefits customers in the chemical industry. Although the terminal's services are specifically geared towards this segment, it can efficiently handle other goods, too. The terminal has already scored some high-profile successes by implementing rapid logistics solutions in the first few weeks since its opening. This has included receiving traffic temporarily diverted from another logistics centre further south. The MTH quickly designed and implemented a transhipment concept for the goods. Three entire trains carrying 300 swap bodies were transhipped in this "rescue operation".

Outstanding cooperation from all sides

"The swift, straightforward and smooth collaboration of everyone involved was particularly important here," says Maik Rehmer, Managing Director of Maxi Terminal Hamm GmbH. Rehmer puts the success of the rescue operation down to the outstanding cooperation between the companies involved: "I'm proud to say that we got all the containers on their way to their destinations on time to the customer's complete satisfaction. This was thanks to the great collaboration between everyone involved and above all thanks to the hard work of the MTH employees." Regardless of the type of goods, it has been a successful launch all round for Maxi Terminal Hamm.

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Maik Rehmer

Managing Director of Maxi Terminal Hamm