Why freight belongs on rail

Seven well-known public spaces around Germany will feature bright green shipping containers bearing our message.

Our containers are meant to stir things up, attract attention and let people know that every transport we shift to the rails is good for the climate and especially sustainable. Why are we doing this? We want this high-profile campaign to show business, politics and society the contribution we can make to resolving the climate crisis and so give impetus to the debate about the modal shift.

Relieving road congestion
Climate change is a threat to us all. One way of limiting rising temperatures is to switch a huge volume of freight from lorries to eco-friendly trains. Trade is growing, and freight transport is predicted to increase by 20% by 2030. Our roads simply cannot handle so much cargo. The EU has decided that, during the same period, greenhouse gas emissions must fall by 55%. There is only one way to achieve this: by using trains.

Protecting the environment with combined transport
We do the combining, you do the protecting. A strong system that consists of rail and road transport alike is one of the ways we do this. Rail freight services and combined transport in particular are the game changers for sustainable mobility. By working together, we will be able to cut CO₂ emissions by 50 million tonnes between now and 2030. To make this happen, we are investing in automation and digitalisation, and we are making logistics chains faster while also reducing waiting times and paperwork. Get information, book a transport, pay online and track your consignment until it arrives safe and sound – we make moving freight as easy as online shopping.

Support the “Freight belongs on trains” campaign
The campaign's website will tell you everything you want to know about our mission. We are also using the site to gather support for our "Freight belongs on rail" initiative. Every signature counts, so why not sign your name right now?

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