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Glossary V-Z

From V for value added service to Z, including W for warehouse management. Here you will find further explanations of a selection of terms.



Value added services

Services that increase value and go beyond the basic service offered.
value creation chain

Totality of all processes which create economic value. In the case of a production company, the value creation chain comprises all activities ranging from research and development by way of the conveyance of raw materials and production of preliminary, semi-finished and finished products right through to distribution to the end customer, including all intermediate processes involving transport, warehousing or administration.

vegetation control

Checking and removal of vegetation on and around the tracks by mechanical and chemical means (the latter only in the direct vicinity of the tracks).


Refers to the increasing transfer of activities to electronic media. They are then no longer physically present in the real world in a concrete sense, but only have virtual existence.

virtual couplings

Virtual couplings make it possible for trucks to be coupled to one another by electronic systems. These control the vehicles and so fix the distance.

vitual company

When small, specialized production units that focus on clearly delimited core tasks come together in an isolated case to form a combined production network, they are referred to as virtual companies.

Warehouse management

Support in the planning and organization of new warehousing sites, with a system based on four steps: process modeling, drawing up a functional description, documentation of the flow of information and definition of the DP interfaces.