To Denmark on the AlbatrosExpress


To Denmark on the AlbatrosExpress

Europe's densest rail network for seaport hinterland service now has a new connection.

Major ports, such as Bremerhaven and Hamburg, are top transhipment points for containers from all over the world. After being unloaded from the ships they arrived on, containers are transported to different destinations in Europe, mostly on lorries or smaller container ships. For containers bound for Denmark, the process is now much more environmentally friendly. They can continue north and return to the German seaports by freight train. This cuts CO2 emissions by around 900 kg compared to transport by lorry.

The first transport by AlbatrosExpress from Bremerhaven to Denmark.

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From ocean to land transport

The DB Cargo subsidiary  TFG Transfracht GmbH, which is responsible for seaport hinterland services, established the new connection. With its AlbatrosExpress network, it connects all of Central Europe on the north-south corridor. The new Denmark connection extends the network northwards; instead of travelling by road or feeder ship, the containers travel northwards from the Maschen marshalling yard on daily DB Cargo Scandinavia A/S . Current destinations are Taulov near Fredericia and Høje Taastrup. Aarhus, Esbjerg and Aalborg are also possible.

Green rail helping the climate

The new connection made its debut in August. The first containers, loaded with tiles and consolidated shipments, were transported from Bremerhaven and Hamburg to the industrial triangle around Fredericia in central Denmark, cutting CO2 emissions by nearly 1.8 kg compared to road transport – an important step in the right direction towards meeting Germany's climate targets.